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2023 October School Holidays: A Week of Learning and Growth at Umphakathi!

Image: Learners gathered to see demonstration of greenhouse cover plastic welding.

From October 2nd to 7th, 2023, 103 school learners from 8 technical high schools in Gauteng joined our School Learners Programme. This initiative, in partnership with the Gauteng Department of Education's Multi Certification Programme since 2021, exposes students to additional skills beyond their standard curriculum, offering a hands-on glimpse into various industries.

During this session, students delved into diverse areas such as general construction with Everite AAC blocks, specialized Geberit plumbing training (including HDPE Fabrication and MEPLA), carpentry, and borehole pipe installation. They also gained practical experience in the hospitality industry by assisting in food preparation.

An exciting addition to our programme was the introduction of hydroponics. Students actively participated in constructing hydroponics tunnels, steel frame welding, assembly, and PVC welding. Plastiweld demonstrated the creation of tunnel covers using the Miniwelder Tex 1. We’d like to thank them for the time they’ve taken to show our learners on the programme something new!

Image: Process and progress of building the hydroponics tunnel during the programme.

Our School Learners Programme, situated at Skills Village on Frere Road in Bez Valley, Joburg, provides various workshops, a canteen, and dynamic spaces under construction. Learners actively contribute to site development during their participation. This is how we turn development opportunities into skills development.

We can’t wait to have these students back to learn more, as well as welcome new ones onto the programme. Often, as young people in South Africa, we aren't sure what career path we want to pursue once we finish high school. At Umphakathi, we do our best to give you a well rounded idea of what your options are, by experiencing them!

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