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Reflections: Umphakathi's Impactful Partnership with GDE

Going into 2024, we thought it would be a good idea to reflect on what we’ve achieved since we began the Multi-Certification Skills Programme in partnership with the Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) three years ago. 

Since 2021, Umphakathi has worked in collaboration with the GDE to implement the Multi-

Certification Skills Programme, leading to the development of a range of skills within the

construction industry for school learners.

Umphakathi initially travelled to various technical schools in Gauteng to offer learners specialised training in plumbing. From the beginning, Umphakathi realised that providing meals for the learners was essential for them to get the most out of the training; we subsequently organised packed lunches for these different trips. In the first year of working with the GDE, Umphakathi provided training to 10 different technical high schools.

We have since begun this training at our site in Bez Valley, where we have also expanded our skills offerings to include training in paving, brickwork, blockwork, hospitality and more, in addition to the specialised plumbing.

In addition to this, we have also collaborated with the GDE in a handful of School of

Specialisation launches, contributing to the redevelopment of facilities at these schools

whilst upskilling learners in the process.

With the help of Umphakathi, the students did everything from scratch…the quality of the work that the learners have done is excellent” - Elaine Malinga, Gauteng Provincial Coordinator for Consumer & Hospitality Studies - on our involvement in implementing the hotel facility at Tembisa SOS

Check out the timeline of our impact below:

As we ease into 2024, we aim to continue our School Learners Programme, reaching 900+ youth.

Our ultimate goal is to offer South Africa's youth free skills development and training opportunities. We believe offering these opportunities will uplift communities, provide individuals with gainful employment, and ultimately transform South Africa's economic landscape.

Whether you're an individual, a nonprofit, or a corporate organisation, we invite you to partner with us to continue bringing these opportunities to those most in need.

*Your financial contribution to the School Learners Programme can be a part of your B-BEEE spend for Socio Economic Development (SED).

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